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WHEN - 29 May 2024 | WEDNESDAY

TIME - 05:00 pm IST

Free Workshop
Art of
Constructive Feedback

Join our workshop to learn the essentials of giving feedback that supports and inspires. Discover how to communicate effectively to encourage growth and collaboration within your team.


Thanks for registering for the event. See you there!

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What Will You Learn?


Learn Key Feedback Principles

Understand the essentials of

effective feedback, focusing on specificity, empathy and behavior


Master Feedback Skills

Gain actionable skills to give constructive feedback that builds relationships and

fosters growth


Tackle Feedback Challenges

Overcome common obstacles in feedback delivery with strategies for positive,

clear communication

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Workshop Schedule

Embark on a journey to refine your approach to giving feedback with our expertly designed sessions. Gain practical skills in that will teach you to provide balanced, empowering feedback, followed by an afternoon dedicated to advanced techniques that ensure your feedback drives positive change and team unity.

From understanding the fundamental principles to mastering the delivery of effective feedback, our sessions are interactive, featuring real-world scenarios that will hone your skills. Learn how to tackle common challenges in giving feedback and engage in a dynamic Q&A session to clarify your doubts.

05:00 PM



Feedback vs. Criticism


Constructive Feedback


Techniques for Delivering Effective Feedback


Things to remember while giving feedback


Q&A Session


Session Ends

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Meet Your Trainer


Rashmi Salhotra

VP - Training and Delivery | Yzerly

Led by Rashmi Salhotra, you'll be guided through the nuanced process of giving feedback. Rashmi brings years of expertise and a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that by the end of this workshop, giving effective feedback will be part of your repertoire.

Our Testimonials

"I love it
I personally loved their approach to identify our needs initially and then create content based on our needs."

Vikram Rao

Head- Learning & Development 

"I would rate 10/10
I think the highlight of the L&D experience was the immediacy and the promptness with which Yzerly supported us."

Maya Sadasivan

Leadership Development Coach

"Make a difference through training
What I appreciate the most about the team is their intent to make a difference, through training."

Gayatri Das

Manager- Talent Management

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Register Today !

Ready to transform how you give feedback? Register now for our free, transformative workshop and start a new chapter in your professional growth. By mastering the art of giving feedback, you'll create a culture of open communication and

continuous improvement.


Don't wait—unlock the potential within your team and yourself. Sign up today and secure your spot in this career-changing event.

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