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At Yzerly, we are on a mission to transform the landscape of education and professional development. We specialize in delivering impactful upskilling solutions, harnessing the power of AI to equip individuals and businesses with the skills needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital world. Our commitment to personalized guidance, curated resources, and practical insights fosters a community of lifelong learners, ready to embrace growth and innovation. With Yzerly, you'll discover a trusted partner dedicated to helping you navigate the future with confidence and seize new opportunities in the AI era.

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Yzerly was born from a deep-seated passion for transformative learning. As the digital era reshaped industries and professions, we recognized the pressing need for innovative upskilling solutions. Our founders, Mahesh and Arun, envisioned a future where education is a continuous journey of growth in the AI-driven world. This vision led to the creation of Yzerly, a partner dedicated to breaking down barriers, providing personalized learning, and making a lasting impact on organizations.

Our journey began by acknowledging the dilemma, We saw the gap as an opportunity, a space where potential could be transformed into capability.

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At Yzerly, our mission is to empower organizations to communicate in the digital era with confidence. We believe in the transformative power of upskilling and are committed to delivering impactful learning experiences that drive measurable results. Through human centric, tech-and-touch solutions, personalized guidance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we aim to be the catalyst for continuous growth, innovation, and success in the ever-evolving corporate world.

Our vision at Yzerly is to be the global leader in impactful upskilling, revolutionizing the way businesses thrive in the digital age. We envision a future where every employee emerges as a confident thorough professional, equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a significant impact at their work place. By fostering a dynamic ecosystem of continued learning and innovation, we aspire to shape the corporate world where limitless opportunities await those who embrace the future.

We envision a world where language unites, empowers,

and elevates every professional, enabling seamless

integration into the global business tapestry.

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At Yzerly, we stand out for our collaborative excellence, crafting personalized and memorable learning experiences. We curate content tailored to your needs, ensuring every interaction transcends boundaries and helps you seize new opportunities in the digital age.



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Meet Our Founders

At the heart of Yzerly's transformative journey stand two visionary leaders, Mahesh and Arun. With a shared passion for education and a profound understanding of the digital age, they are the driving

force behind our commitment to impactful upskilling.

Mahesh, with years of experience honed in the world of journalism and media, and Arun, a seasoned expert in education and coaching, bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication to our mission. Together, they lead Yzerly with a singular vision: to empower organizations to thrive in the

dynamic landscape of the digital era.

Their unwavering commitment to innovation, agility, and the pursuit of excellence continues to shape the future of upskilling, AI, and lifelong learning with Yzerly.

Mahesh Thrani - Co founder

Mahesh Tharani

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Arun Jagannathan- Co - founder

Arun Jagannathan

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